Diverse Civil were contracted by DPTI to carry out the following civil works for the Goodwood Rail Interchange:

  • Trenching and early works for water mains and sewer, plus various ancillary civil works.
  • Various concrete works including kerbing, the construction of new retaining walls, the installation of box culverts and the construction of both concrete and gabion rock walls.
  • Construction of new concrete retaining walls.
  • The earthworks, preparation and construction of a new bitumen shared path.
  • Landscaping and alterations to Brown Hill Creek.
  • Lighting installation, including trenching, laying conduits, pit installation and the construction of the light pole bases in preparation for new light poles.
  • Stormwater alterations.
  • Construction of a new noise wall parallel to the railway.
  • Overhead gantry alterations

Working on a live railway meant that the construction program had to based around a series of rail shutdown periods. As a result, there were only short windows of time in which construction could occur. To accommodate this, detailed planning was required to create a carefully structured and multifaceted project execution plan. Efficient time management was imperative to meeting the contract deadline and measures including but not limited to rotating shifts and out of hours deliveries were taken to ensure the success of the project.

The contract’s original scope of works was valued at approx. $80,000. However, this scope continued to increase over time, as instructed by the client. The total contract value at completion was approxiamtely $2,000,000.