In April 2014, Diverse Civil were contracted by Sarah Constructions to carry out the civil works for Southern Cross Care Aged Care Centre in Mount Barker.

Our scope of works included:

  • Bulk earthworks – supply, place, and compact (to Level 1 GITA certification) approx. 30,000 tonnes of imported quarry sand to raise level of site up to 3 metres in height.
  • Construction of heavy duty concrete pavements, and asphaltic road pavements.
  • Excavate, prepare, and backfill approx. 700m of retaining walls.
  • Building pad preparation.
  • Supply and install all stormwater infrastructure, including concrete pits, pipe (PVC and RCP), swales, headwalls, gross pollutant traps, etc.
  • Installation of 130,000L precast concrete underground storage tank.
  • Construction of car park, including base prep, asphalt, line marking, and driveway crossovers.
  • Realignment of existing creek, approximately 260m long.
  • Concrete works – construction of kerbing, spoon drains, and pram ramps.